With the friction and flow of a psychological thriller, crime mystery and romance, 
Secret of the Blood engulfs all who dare join the quest 


     For those who have ever had the overwhelming urge to peek at the last chapter or page
  of a story, this is for you. 
      As you embark on this story we invite you to a brief glimpse into the minds and thoughts 
  of the authors as we crafted our story. No spoiler alerts needed…no explaining away   
  or obvious hints, just an insight or two that will hopefully enhance your experience 
  as you follow the clues and unravel the details of 
          “Secret of the Blood, Death of Twilight”.    
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                                                     Book 2
                                 Coming soon....Winter  2017-2018

   Detectives Van Bibber and Willard struggle to uncover the truth behind the Death of Twilight murders. Chasing the shadow that is Lucian Wilde atop the towers of NYC, the mountains and forests of Yukon and North Idaho and the secret research labs of Foreverlightless, new questions arise faster than the answers.
   Stonelight, Delila, Dr. Pascal and the illusionist Elymas…all return with their own questions and answers that will ultimately uncover and expose the Secret of the Blood.

The click of the hemostat across the vascular interface awoke the dying Lucian. The red that he shared, now only his own…the lifeline to Lisa cut. VB wiped his bloody hands across his t-shirt and lifted Lucian’s head off the cold metal table. Lucian struggled to remove the silver clamp that was restoring his life one beat at a time.
   “Leave it alone you idiot.” VB gently restrained Lucian’s pale hands in a powerful vise-grip. “You still think you have what it takes to save her…your blood… your crazy Oscar Wilde nightingale poem? We’re all fools of blood and your dark poet blood is as lifeless as mine. That forever kiss, that immortal breath… they’re not ours to give…if only we knew that secret…you know, the one that seems to keep us all hanging off the backside of heaven.”

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