To you the readers, the fans of Lucian Wilde and Secret of the Blood we offer this opportunity to become a part of the story.    Dark Wishing Well is a short excerpt from Secret of the Blood, Death of Twilight that focuses on Detective Van Bibber and his entry into the Death of Twilight murder investigation. In the flow of the story is a scene that is centered around the prose and poetry of Lucian’s fans. This means you! This is the 2nd edition printing of DWW that features the writings of you the reader. Send us your “dark wish” in the form of poetry, prose or free verse and enter into the story. Your contribution will be joined to the existing story thus morphing it into something new and original with each word added.  We have included chapter trailers to Secret of the Blood~ Death of Twilight to give context and texture to the chapters included here in DWW.    Looking forward to adding your wish to the story!